Saturday, June 19, 2010

This was a Colts driven car!!!

This is a 2010 Cadillac Escalade that was driven by General Manager of the Indianapolis Colts! It was picked up in Jupiter, Florida and transported to Tutwiller Cadillac in Indianapolis. This car only had 7400 miles on it and it was definitely a grand vehicle! Scott makes loading these vehicles look easy, but it is a lot of work! And in hot, humid Jupiter, Florida weather, this "car haul assistant" was soaked with sweat and tired! It is exciting though!

Esteem Transportation is Rollin with it's own truck and trailer

Esteem Transportation is Rockin and Rollin! This load started out with a 2010 Mercedes picked up in Tallahassee, Florida, going to Atlanta, GA. Along the way, driver Scott picked up another 2010 Mercedes and a 2010 Camaro! These were NICE cars! All were delivered safely! This girl is learning a lot about car hauling, and the more I learn, the more respect I have for car haulers! Each car is treated with respect, as if the driver owned the car himself! The cars are secured with nylon straps on each tire. The smaller cars have a "harness" type of strap that goes around the tire and hooks to the edge of the trailer. The larger vehicles have straps that go over each tire, front to back and are secured to the floor of the trailer.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Experienced driver's background

" Honey,pack up the Country Squire. Were going to a car show!" I was 7 years old living in Jacksonville,FL laying in bed wondering if dad was going to take the family to the beach. I heard those words "car show" outside my door and jumped out of bed! I picked up my blue plastic toy mustang with all the cool police markings and lights and pushed it down the hallway....ZOOOOM! Unfortunately, my dads foot accidentally found the top of my Mustang crushing it like Godzilla in Tokyo! UGHHHH!! Luckily, the damage was slight and dad was wearing sneakers! "We will fix it when we get back from the car show son." We all loaded up the Squire and headed to the show. As we were driving into the parking lot, I saw my future! Cars being unloaded from BIG TRUCKS! I was as excited as a 7 year old could be! Those cool cars inside the show had to wait! It wasnt until I became 17 the first time I drove a big truck. The family moved to Atlanta in 1972 from Jacksonville because my father accepted a job in the insurance industry. He later became a life acctuary for the state of Georgia insurance department. I learned alot about risk and business management from my father. My sister Jeri took a job with a trucking company in Doraville,GA. in 1979. I would purposely arrive early to pick her up in hopes of driving one of those big windshield trucks. You know which one! The GMC Astro! I would drive them around the parking lot where I learned how to shift and backing. Imagine having a window where the scenery changes every second and nobody over your shoulder! AH yes,the freedom of the open road! I have traveled around this great country of ours countless times and with each passing mile, I always remember our troops and sacrifices they make to keep the United States of America the best country in the world! My father was a WWII veteran. R.I.P dad! In conclusion, we fixed the blue mustang and I always make sure that Godzilla never crushes a car that I haul!

The Ultimate Concierge Service for Your Vehicle Transport!

Esteem Transportation Inc. is building its reputation for customer Service and prompt reliable service. We will be your car transport service of choice.
At Esteem Transportation, Inc., we will be your “one phone call” transportation company. After that first phone call, we will handle every aspect of the trip until your prized vehicle reaches its final destination.
We offer our cell phone numbers to our clients in order to make ourselves available at any time to make transportation arrangements for your vehicles, to answer questions about the car transportation process or to keep you up to date on location of your vehicle during its trip.
Our goal at Esteem Transportation, Inc. is to provide the Ultimate Concierge Service for your vehicle’s transportation. Each of our customers will be given the care and attention they need to ensure their utmost satisfaction. We will strive to be your vehicle transportation specialist!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The World of Wheels AutoRama was in Atlanta this weekend! We braved the cold rain and went to the World Congress Center downtown and it was more than worth the trip!

The vehicles that were on display were absolutely incredible! I was, without a doubt, in awe of their beauty!

Another treat for me was seeing Henry "The Fonz" Winkler there, with his motorcycle!

The muscle cars from the 50's and 60's were among my favorites along with the impressive cars from the 20's and 30's! John Haulbrook's Pierce Arrow is absolutely stunning.

The World of Wheels AutoRama was a treat to attend!